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25 September 2014 @ 21:50
A community that is all about Akanishi Jin. Downloads, News, Reports, Discussions, Fanworks... you can find it all here!

Agree with the Rules? Guidelines for Posting sounding good to you? Then don't hesitate to join us to have a good time! :)

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the noble_mods via direct message or email under yournoblemods [at] gmail [dot] com !

28 September 2014 @ 13:50
By joining jindependence you automatically agree to the following rules.

Rules for Membership

1. This is a community for everyone who likes Akanishi Jin. Whether you liked him as a Junior, with KAT-TUN or as a solo artist doesn’t matter.

2. Don’t bash Jin, other KAT-TUN members present and former, J&A, other J&A members, Jin’s friends, family, Kuroki Meisa or their daughter. Furthermore you’re not allowed to bash any member of this community. If there is discussion, disagreement and disliking things is of course okay, but please keep it civil. No personal attacks.

3. All posts must be related to Akanishi Jin in some way. Here, too, it doesn’t matter whether it has to do with his work as a solo artist or with his work under J&A.

4. The common language of this community is English. You may post translations or subs in other languages though.

5. All posts must be “members only”. Content has to be posted directly to the community, i.e. do not post merely a link to a post in your own LJ. You can, however, add a link to your own journal below your entry.

6. Do not repost material you got from jindependence without permission given by the original sharer.

7. Posting will be moderated for now. Please check the Guidelines for Posting before posting your entry.

8. We know everybody loves comments, and people like having their efforts appreciated. So when you download something, please take a moment to thank the sharer.

All ok? Then don't hesitate to join us and have a good time sharing, talking and having fun! :)

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28 September 2014 @ 13:45
Guidelines for posting entries at jindependence

I. Before making a post please make sure of the following:
  1. Is re-sharing of your media allowed1? (See V.)

  2. Is your media related to Akanishi Jin in any way?

  3. Is it something that’s allowed to be posted here? (See II.)

1 Please refer here for rules concerning media shared from KAL.

See moreCollapse )

All clear? Then have a good time sharing and enjoying shared stuff! :)